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Gift Ideas for the Cast Iron Enthusiast

Gift Ideas for the Cast Iron Enthusiast

Need a gift for a cast iron enthusiast? Stumped about what to get for your friend/brother/sister/co-worker who is interested in cast iron cookware? 

Click on the link below to find personally curated ideas for you.1

Gift Ideas

After I laboriously wrote the guide attached to the link, I thought of a few more things that any cast iron cook should have.

A good knife. One with a heavy blade that you can have professionally sharpened (if you’re not talented at sharpening…I am not).

Anthony Bourdain (I *may* have mentioned that I loved him) recommended the Global Chef’s knife  (above). He said that was really the only knife you need. I was gifted one for my birthday this year; so far it’s great!

Another I am interested to try is one I supported on Kickstarter – the Misen knife  (above). It is 25% off today only (11/25). Code is BF25. Supposed to be great; very sharp and long-lasting. I’ve got mine coming but have yet to try it out. I do like supporting young creative entrepreneurs, though!

Victorinox metal knife blade protectors. If you’re going to spend cash on a good knife for a gift, give the blade protector, too. Protects both the blade AND your hand.

And of course any cast-iron chef knows how to make a killer steak. And to eat a steak you need a GOOD steak knife.

These are mine (above), but a quick look on Amazon shows many that probably do the job just as well. Hmmmm…maybe it’s time to trade mine in! I must admit that sometimes I think the serrated-edged steak knives make an easier job of it!

Gorgeous Teakhaus cutting board.

Linen Apron WITH pockets! I don’t know why anyone even makes an apron without pockets. I like darker colors and/or prints because when I spill tomato sauce all over myself, it won’t be quite as noticeable.

Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. Okay, it’s not cast-iron related, but I love this rice cooker. I’ve had mine for probably 20 years now; it makes perfect rice – easily – every single time.

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