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May 2019 Cast Iron Auction Prices

May 2019 Cast Iron Auction Prices

A cast iron auction held May 18, 2019 in Highlandville Missouri brought strong prices for vintage and antique cast iron cookware. 23 of the 409 lots brought $300 or more. The top price realized was $2600 for a number 13 Griswold large block logo Erie PA U.S.A. cast iron skillet with heat ring. The auction was conducted by Three Creeks Auctions LLC.

This particular auction was near and dear to many of us in the cast iron collecting world, as it was the sale of the collection of a friend to many of us, a fellow Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association member, and a long-time collector. He was selling off his collection to raise funds for family health issues.

I have written about cast iron auctions before, including prices realized and the perils of internet bidding at cast iron auctions. 1. At this particular auction, there was a 20% internet buyer’s premium. In addition to that, winning online bidders would pay premium prices for shipping (i.e. UPS packing and shipping).

My Purchase

I was interested in two pieces and knew that I would purchase at least one of them as a show of support for my friend. I wasn’t able to attend the auction in person, so I bid online.

I ended up winning a Wagner bacon press with my bid of $160. Typically I would have quit my bidding at about $130, but as I said, I wanted to support my friend so I was okay with that price.

wagner bacon press vintage antique old cast iron 1103 grate cast iron price how much value cost auction bid online
My new old Wagner bacon press.

Here is what I ended up paying for my $160 bacon press:

I made the bid knowing I would incur the 20% internet fee. I wanted to support my friend, so the extra cost was acceptable to me. I am posting the screenshot not as a complaint, but to explicitly show the large fees that may be incurred when bidding online at auctions. I missed the part of the “terms of sale” of this auction that set forth that a 5% processing fee would be applied if a credit card was used for payment.

Fortunately, I learned after the auction that Minnesota friends Doyle Pregler and Brenda Bernstein were in attendance at the auction. They offered to bring my bacon press home with them, which saves me the shipping and handling fees. Thank you Doyle and Brenda!

Mysterious Online Bidder

As I followed the auction online, I saw that there was one internet bidder in particular who was purchasing a very large number of lots. I thought this was unusual.

If I planned to purchase many pieces at an auction I would make arrangements to attend in person. That way I could personally inspect the lots before spending a substantial sum. I would also want to avoid the 20% internet premium and ginormous shipping costs. Cast iron is very expensive to ship; especially when hiring a company to pick up, pack, and ship.

If my count is correct, the mysterious bidder purchased 41 lots – 10% of all lots sold. I can only imagine how much that money that person spent, especially when adding in the 20% internet premium and packing and shipping charges!

Top Prices Realized

Here is a recap of the lots that brought $300 and up. The photos below are photos of the actual piece purchased. Photos are from the auction catalog. Most have been lightened to better show detail. For all of the lots, “LBL” means “large block logo.” “HR” means “heat ring.” “PN” means “pattern number” and “on-site” or “online” reflects the successful bidder’s location.

$2600 Lot 135: Griswold LBL HR no. 13 cast iron skillet pn 720 (on-site)

$2400 Lot 350: Griswold ERIE spider skillet with repair (on-site)

$1100 Lot 83: Griswold no. 19 heart star waffle iron high base bail handle pn 933 (on-site)

griswold heart star waffle iron alaskan coil wire handles bail high base 19 883 how much price value cost buy sell old antique vintage cast iron

$1075 Lot 124: Griswold LBL HR no. 2 cast iron skillet (on-site)

griswold 703 2 cast iron skillet old antique vintage for sale auction sold buy heat ring smoke fire sell value how much

$800 Lot 250: Griswold LBL HR no. 20 cast iron skillet (on-site)

$700 Lot 90: Griswold double waffle iron w wood handles, “The American” pn 990 (online)

griswold the american waffle iron cast iron 990 wood handle base old antique vintage hotel french for sale sold auction how much value price cost buy

$600 Lot 133: Griswold LBL HR no. 11 cast iron skillet (on-site)

$575 Lot 205: G.F. Filley gem pan no. 7 (on-site)

g.f. giles gf filley 7 cast iron gem muffin bread cake pan old antique vintage value cost for sale how much price auction

$575 Lot 142: Griswold fully-marked cast iron bundt cake mold pn 965 (on-site)

cast iron griswold 965 bundt cake mold pan 965 old antique vintage how much round price value cost buy sell sold auction

$550 Lot 306: Griswold slant logo no. 13 Dutch oven with cover (repaired crack on oven), pn 2635, 2637 (on-site)

griswold tite top dutch oven 13 crack hairline repair old antique vintage for sale buy price value how much auction cast iron 2635 2637

$450 Lot 1: Griswold no. 15 oval fish fryer pn 1013 (on-site)

griswold antique vintage price cost how much buy sell auction fish oval skillet pan fry frying fryer cast iron 15 1013 o

$450 Lot 207: G.F. Filley egg roaster (on-site)

$415 Lot 239: Griswold Santa mold (online)

$375 Lot 140: Griswold ERIE tea kettle with spider logo on cover (online)

griswold erie spider logo trademark tea kettle teakettle pot wire handle old antique vintage for sale sold auction how much price buy cast iron

$375 Lot 126: Griswold LBL HR no. 4 skillet (online)

griswold 702 4 large block logo heat ring cast iron skillet old antique vintage value how much price for sale sell auction buy

$360 Lot 55: Lodge Acorn Pan (on-site)

Lodge acorn penis pan cast iron california stem old antique vintage for sale price value how much buy

$350 Lot 127: Griswold LBL HR no. 5 skillet pn 724 (on-site)

griswold large block logo griswald heat smoke fire ring 724 5 cast iron skillet old antique vintage price how much value cost sell sold buy

$350 Lot 20: Griswold heart star gem pan no. 100, pn 960 (online)

griswold 100 heart star cast iron gem muffin bread pan old antique vintage value cost how much sell buy 1920 960

$325 Lot 82: Griswold no. 18 heart star waffle iron w high base pn 920 (online)

griswold cast iron waffle heart star erie 920 wire high base tall slant old antique vintage for sale sold auction sell buy how much value

$325 Lot 275: “Dolly’s Favorite” child’s stove (on-site)

dolly favorite child small mini miniature stove old antique vintage oven blue silver black cast iron for sale sold sell price value how much buy

$300 Lot 27: Wagner 3-cup popover pan, no. 2 (on-site)

wagner ware three cup 2 muffin popover 3 handle old antique vintage cast iron how much value cost price

$300 Lot 132: Griswold LBL HR no. 10 skillet pn 716 (on-site)

griswold large block logo heat ring 716 old antique vintage cast iron skillet pan fry fryer frying erie 10 how much price value auction cost buy sell

$300 Lot 244: G.F. Filley no. 103 toy stove (online)

More Coming!

I did notice a few general trends with this auction, and I’ll expound on this soon in another blog post. A few takeaways: There was definitely more love for old gate marked pieces. Griswold large block logo heat ring skillets remain very strong. Waffle iron prices for more “typical” sets have generally come down a bit.

Watch this space for more!

  1. See Handy Tips for cast iron auctions, Prices realized at 2019 Indiana Auction, at October 2018 auction, July 2018 auction prices. I have also prepared a youtube video demonstrating how to determine recent prices paid on eBay for pieces; that is helpful when you are looking to see current selling prices.

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