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My Favorite Pan…At Least For Today!

My Favorite Pan…At Least For Today!

The editor of the GCICA quarterly newsletter – the “Griswold & Cast Iron Quarterly” – is planning to feature members and their favorite pans in future editions. We talked at the 2018 Convention in Baton Rouge, and I offered to submit a little blurb to her for consideration for publication in the newsletter. Yet another benefit of membership is that dues-paying members of GCICA can access the newsletter and its previous issues at the GCICA website. You can find information about how to join GCICA here.

So without further ado…here’s the little blurb I submitted to the editor about my favorite pan – at least my favorite pan at this precise moment – my Iron Mountain (by Griswold) chicken pan.

Iron Mountain (by Griswold) cast iron chicken pan and lid.
Bottom of Iron Mountain Chicken Pan and Underside of Iron Mountain Lid, showing the raised broken circles that serve to make the lid “self-basting.”
The distinctive handle of the Griswold Iron Mountain line of skillets. While the Griswold name is not on the pan, the handle shape is a dead giveaway (as is the pattern number and other characteristics of this pan).
Lovely Iron Mountain (by Griswold) Chicken Pan and Lid.

My Favorite Pan

My “favorite” cast iron pan varies from day to day, month to month. But I’d say my perennial favorite is my Iron Mountain (by Griswold) number 8 chicken pan and lid. I have a particular interest in Griswold, and I’ve always favored the Iron Mountain line. There is something about the fine surface of Griswold, and I love the aesthetics of the Iron Mountain pan.

Aside from its great looks, my chicken pan is a great cooker. It can do just about anything I’d want a Dutch oven to do, as well as serve as a great deep skillet. Of course, it also goes from stovetop to oven; one of the wonderful features of cast iron. My chicken pan is also very versatile – it accommodates a small roast, chicken, beans, fried foods, soups, stews, sauces, and all kinds of casseroles. Casseroles – or “hot dish” as we call it here in Minnesota – have long been a favorite of mine. Ground beef + vegetables + canned soup + liquid + tater tots or chow mein noodles or rice = Minnesota hot dish.

My chicken pan can do it all!



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