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Scarce Griswold Cast Iron Ashtray

Scarce Griswold Cast Iron Ashtray

I posted a few weeks back about the common Griswold cast iron ashtrays, and my opinion as to their value; i.e. what I personally would pay.

Griswold Quality Ware 0 and 00 Ashtrays

As noted in the blog post, the Griswold ashtray marked “0” is more collectible/valuable than is the one marked “00.” It is far easier to find the ashtray marked “Griswold Quality Ware 00” than it is to find the ashtray marked “Griswold Quality Ware 0.” The one marked “0” typically sells for more than the one marked “00.”

I posted pics of both types on my earlier post.

Griswold Quality Ware Ashtray with dual Markings

The ashtray that has the Griswold trademark and markings both on the bottom and interior part of the “skillet” portion of the ashtray is less common than either the “0” or “00.” To the best of my recollection, during my selling days I had but one of these ashtrays.

Because it is less common, it likely has more “value” than either the 0 or 00; at least to a collector of the ashtrays.

Farold Hoover has two of these uncommon ashtrays, and he was kind enough to share photos.


What is the value of this uncommon ashtray? A quick search today (1.13.19) of eBay “sold listings” for “Griswold Quality Ware” showed no ashtrays with these markings. Similarly, there are no current listings for an ashtray with these particular marks.

As I have said before, in my opinion the “value” of a piece is reflected by the market. The value is what a person is willing to pay for the piece.

What would you pay?

If I was collecting Griswold ashtrays, I suppose I’d pay a pretty penny. I don’t collect them, however. If I purchased one, it would only be to have an uncommon piece, or to re-sell (if I was still selling, which I am not).

I have little use for the ashtrays; I only need one to use as a spoon rest. The value to me is negligible. But to the collector…?

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